Crazy Fast

EnterPress helps you get maximum performance from your WordPress platform. Speed being a key factor in getting better ranking in search engines, pages are generated in less than a second.


EnterPress uses a small amount of memory which allows it to perform as good on high-performance servers as on shared hosting servers.

Designed for SEO

EnterPress generates optimized HTML code to help you reach better ranking in search engines. No need to be an SEO expert, you have control!

Designed for Mobile

The HTML code generated by EnterPress is lightweight and fast on both mobile devices and desktops to provide an optimal user experience.

Powerful features

EnterPress built-in interface allows you to customize all aspects of the theme to suit your preferences.

Pre-launch Offer

Sign up now and get a 50% off on the regular price at the official launch.

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EnterPress Theme Features Overview


Specifically designed for the latest WordPress 4+ platform including multisite.


The latest HTML coding technologies including HTML5, CSS3 and LESS.

PHP 5/7

Compatible with PHP 5.4+ and the latest PHP 7 release to get even more speed.

Integrated Plugins

Eliminate several plugins thanks to several integrated features.


Customizing your WooCommerce pages has never been easier.


Pre-built templates help you customize BuddyPress pages easily.

Fast & Easy

Features normally reserved for experts are activated in one click.


Pre-built templates help you jump-start your project on the right track.


Fully extendable to help developers customize the code for specific needs.

Frequent Updates

Regularly updated to keep your product in sync with latest technologies.

Secure Coding

Built with secure coding practice to avoid costly vulnerabilities in application.

30-Day Guarantee

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee if you're not 100% satisfied. Risk-free, no hassle, no stress.