The end of passwords in WordPress?

Improve your customers' security and user experience on your WordPress site with fingerprint login that eliminates the use of passwords that will soon be completely outdated.

Current security issues

It's a known fact, Passwords are no longer sufficient to protect access to your valuable data in your favorite web applications. Indeed, according to the FIDO ALLIANCE, over 80% of corporate data breaches are caused by theft or weak passwords created by users.

Splash Data has compiled the 100 worst passwords in 2017 and among these 123456 and qwerty are among the five most popular passwords. And not only these weak passwords are used by users but also by system administrators responsible for sensitive and confidential data.

Biometric security to the rescue

Biometric fingerprint sensors have been around for several years on laptops and are now available on new generations of mobile phones that will soon become a standard on all mobile devices.

As summarized in the video below, instead of using a user name and password to identify yourself on a website, you can now use your fingerprint to identify yourself. So you no longer need to create a unique identifier or password that is difficult to remember.

How to integrate biometric security into WordPress

To enable fingerprint connection in WordPress, simply install the RapID Secure Login plugin developed by Intercede. This enterprise-class cyber security technology uses 2048-bit cryptography as used by governments and large enterprises worldwide including Google, Facebook, Amazon and PayPal.

Installing the plugin in WordPress is quick and easy. Once completed, the WordPress login screen offers a QR code. The customer then simply scans this QR code using their mobile phone to securely connect to your WordPress site, as shown in the image below:

How to integrate biometric security on mobile phones

To use biometrics on their Android smartphones, customers only need to install the RapID Secure Login application via Google Play. For mobile phones iPhone, they only have to install the application via iTunes.

I installed and configured it on my own Android phone in seconds and can now connect to all my WordPress sites with my fingerprint. This is the beginning of the end of my passwords as far as I am concerned. Bye bye memos and password manager.


Biometric security is becoming more and more used in our technological environment and will quickly become a de facto standard that will replace the outdated use of passwords that are becoming more and more easily hackable. By offering your customers fingerprint login, you not only improve their online security but you also improve your website user experience and thereby increase your conversions.